Jury Duty: Expectation v. Reality


In honor of Independence Day tomorrow here is a post on my personal experience this past Monday as a prospective juror. If you have been on jury duty before you could relate to what you are about to read. If you have not, and are wondering why no one enjoys jury duty then stay here because I’m about to tell you.

A little over a month ago I received in the mail my summons to report to court as a juror and I was stoked. I immediately told my boss and did all the necessary paperwork my job requested of me to be off. I told my family, boyfriend, and friends. I was happy I was given the honor to report to jury duty. (Yes, I just used the word honor because it is!)

Here is a list of what I expected versus the reality I faced, maybe we share the same thoughts.

Expectation: I will most likely be picked as a juror as there were probably 50 to 100 more people summoned for all trials that week.

✔️ Reality: The likelihood of that happening is very slim. I was in a room with close to 1,000 individuals who had also been summoned. Each panel for a trial consisted of about 35 individuals and that number was quickly narrowed down to about 6 to 12 individuals depending on the case.

Expectation: If I am not picked I will probably go home early.

✔️ Reality: Prepare to spend a full 8 hour shift at the court. See, no one told me this beforehand. rolling my eyes I was called to report at 8:00 AM and I was there at around 7:15 AM. I was not called to report to panel until 2:30 PM and didn’t leave court until 4:30 PM. Now, we had a lunch break but that was it. Until you are called you will sit in a room waiting, so bring your charger and a book.

Expectation: I thought the questions would be based on laws.

✔️ Reality: Honestly, I would’ve googled this or asked around but I didn’t want to spoil my experience. I was terrified the questioning will revolve around laws as they pertained to the case. I don’t know lawyer talk! That’s not the case. Questioning varies on the type of case. I was picked for a criminal case therefore I was asked questions about any crimes I might have been a victim of, any injuries, our feelings toward law enforcement and how those would affect our ability to judge the case.

Expectation: Again, I will be picked because I am as unbiased as they come.

✔️ Reality: I was unbiased but you don’t really know what they are looking for. I did notice that lawyers were asking question pertaining to the case. For example, if the victim had a concussion they would like someone who had experience one before. Makes sense, but I was under the impression that the most dissociated I was with the events the higher my chances of becoming a juror in this case. Wrong!

Expectation: This case will probably take weeks in court and if picked I will have to put my whole life on hold.

✔️ Reality: The likelihood of this happening is so slim! It could happen but most of these cases have been set to be tried the same week you were summoned only. In my case it was only 1 day and it was on Tuesday.


  • show up
  • have a positive attitude – no one else wants to be there
  • don’t try to biased
  • don’t be rude in panel
  • dress presentable



Work BFFs

Relationships@Work study revealed that 46% of professionals worldwide believe that work friends are important to their overall happiness.

Coworkers are vital for an 8 hour shift. I work in a call center (customer service) and if I didn’t have my coworkers present for that quick laugh/chat in between calls I would probably lose it. We make plans for after work, before work, lunch, days off, and weekends. We also share different career backgrounds, which makes conversations and networking that much more interesting. At the beginning of the month LinkedIn tweeted quick tips from making a cup of coffee for a coworker to celebrating their success.

I wanted to share my take on this and share a little of my own experiences with Work BFFs.

  • Make coworkers your friends, but the same rule applies – wisdom: Just like everything in life… wisdom is KEY. Relationships of any type come with risk, work relationships are not the exception. One of these risk can very well be job loss, therefore is important to choose the people you are willing to share a “little more” with wisely. Choosing these takes time. So take your time choosing your work friends, not all coworkers need to be your friends, let alone your BFFs.
  • Be careful with competition: A little competition never hurt anyone, but competition at work can be dangerous if we let it get to that level. Be careful with coworkers wanting to become your friend only to understand your strengths and weaknesses. I have personally not been hurt by this particular situation, but I have seen those individuals that wanted to become my friend just to see what I was planning to do next – career wise. Now don’t be paranoid but keep an eye out for cues and work related questions that you know are a little out of place.
  • Work BFFs should become forever friends: Yes, I know, that’s what BFFs mean. But seriously. Now that you’ve chosen who gets the great title it’s time to invest in this friendship. Invest for a lifetime. I still maintain contact with coworkers who have chosen different career paths. It’s great to know people who do different things for a living. It builds your network, but most importantly you gain knowledge of other industries. Who knows maybe one day you can also change your career and join them!

I loved this post by Catherine Fisher “LinkedIn Study Reveals Work BFFs Make Us Happier at the Office” and made me think about those relationships at work. I wanted to share my spin on the subject. Check out the original post and share your comments!


What We Are Watching: Summer 2014

I don’t watch movies, but I do like my TV. I never liked to admit that for some reason. I guess in this day and age everyone watches some sort of TV though. Whether you still wait for show time to start, or you stream via Hulu (Netflix if you’re binging), or even the network’s site, but you are watching something.

Anyways, these are my current favorites this Summer! (By the way, I prefer Hulu!)



So glad I ran into this gem, though I didn’t catch the first season (I will Netflix it) I am up to speed on the second one. This show is so real. It’s filled with drama, and I just can’t stop watching. It’s one of those where you’re just sitting in front of the TV asking “Why did you do that??” or “Noooo! Just tell him you love him!”, you know what I mean? (I hope so…). This show is about 4 sophisticated, successful, and independent women – Savi, Karen, April, and Joss. They are searching for love and figuring it out as it comes. There are tons of affairs, hence the tittle, but the show is showing the other side – the complicated side. The side that’s never told. The season is not that far in so you can still tune in and catch up. Mistresses is on ABC – Mondays at 10pm EST.

Finding Carter



This show is terrifying! Okay, maybe I’m overreacting. I don’t watch MTV anymore. It’s a little weird now, or maybe I’ve just grown up. Not quite sure. I saw the promo for this show on Hulu and watched the first 2 episodes there. Oh My! I really like this show. It’s kind of weird to explain but imagine being arrested and finding out you’re a missing child… ehh, that’s weird. Carter Stevens is a 16-year old girl who loves her mother, or who she believes to be her mother. The first scene of the pilot you can see they have the most amazing relationship mom-daughter can have. Carter gets arrested with a few of her friends after trespassing. Her mom never comes to bail her out because after running her prints the police find out she was in fact Lyndon Wilson, a child who was kidnapped from her front yard. If that’s not complicated enough now she has to go live with her biological family whom she has not been around since she was 3-years old. That’s where the fun begins. Finding Carter is on MTV – Tuesdays at 10pm EST.




I don’t care what Rotten Tomatoes says!! I LOVE THIS SHOW. This is another one of my Hulu finds, and it’s a treasure. First off, there have not been any new episodes in 2 weeks, which worries me, and I have not seen anything stating the season is over. Nothing! I am worried. Second, this show is filmed in front of a live audience and that throws in a great energy. Danny Burton is a 30something single guy without a care in the world. I don’t think he even works (must be nice!) His roommate, Justin, is the total opposite. Justin is an entrepreneur and owns a bar in Detroit called “Black Eyes”, which is where the show takes place 99.9% of the time. They have an odd group of friends – Shelly, Burski, Brett, and Leslie (Danny’s sister). In a nutshell the show illustrates how different all theses people can be but how at the end of the day friendship brings them together. So cliché, I know, but it’s funny! Undateable is on NBC – Thursdays at 10pm EST.

Hmmm, I just noticed all my favorite shows go on at 10pm. Even the ones in the fall. Well, tune in and let me know what you think of these!






The stillness in the air on Saturday mornings is unbelievable. I love waking up a little later than usual, starting the coffee maker, and heading out for a nice walk with Charlie. I work weekends, but luckily I work nights so I still get to enjoy the beauty of mornings.

Saturday mornings help me prepare for the week ahead. I like to figure out my goals, my days off, my todo lists. All with a lovely cup of coffee by my side.

Dreams & Charlie’s Birthday!!

 I woke up this20140718_100838 morning reflecting on some life long dreams. What I want my life to look like a year   from now, never more than a year. For some reason I am frighten of the thought of knowing what my life could be like in 10 years. Anyhow, I couldn’t stop thinking of my dreams, my goals, my wants. Who I want to be is not who I am, nor where I want to be.

I started blogging when I was a sophomore in high school. English is my second language, therefore I was terrified of writing. I actually love writing. I love being able to express how I feel without a sound. Always felt like a barrier, but a barrier I had placed before me.


And if that isn’t enough, today I am also celebrating this stud muffins 2nd birthday! I am so blessed to share my 20s with such a precious loving soul. I love my Charlie. I love caring for him and investing my time, money, and love. Dogs truly are best friends. He is mine. He is healthy today and filled with life. To many more years my sweet Charlie Sheen!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!